August’s viticulture in Terra Alta (2)

Estat de les vinyes a l'agost

Having reached the month of August and already having begun the grape harvest vintage in Catalonia (in the vineyards of Raimat from Codorniu the harvest of Chardonnay started on Thursday July 31) in Terra Alta, the vineyards are prepared to spend the last weeks before the grapes are optimal. After widespread serious problem studded Grenache last season, this season is expected generous. Probably the start of the harvest in Terra Alta is between the last week of August and first of September. These last weeks after veraison end up determining the quality of the vintage.


The grapes ripen according to climatology: different winds, temperature, temperature range, solar radiation, water stress. These are the concepts that feature the maturation process and permeate the character of Terra Alta in each grape. In addition, these weeks of August affect the beginning of next season. The vineyards, which have stopped vegetative growth and concentrate the energy into ripening, stored energy reserves for sprouting next spring.


Therefore, August is an important month because it ends all the work of a campaign and is already preparing the next one.

It is a month of observation and control, few interventions, a month to let nature, quietly, finished defining our wines.



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