The varieties from Terra Alta (IV): The Red Grenache

Garnatxa NegraThe Red Grenache is the most important Mediterranean variety around the world and used in almost all wine regions of Catalonia. Actually, the Red Grenache occupies an area of approximately 1500 hectares in Terra Alta.

Although the origin is uncertain, many place their origin in Aragon in Spain. We can find vineyards of Red Grenache in Catalonia, Spain, France, California, Italy and Australia.

The behavior of this variety in the field:

Vigorous and of average production.

Very resistant to drought, heat and adapts to fertile land.

Very resistant to wind. Sensitive to excess of moisture.

Very sensitive to the fencing (poor flowering of flowers).

Purple red color and medium fine grain.

Sensitive to the worm of the grape, mildew and botrytis, little sensitive to oid and mites.

In the cellar:

Sensitive to oxidation (oxidase).

High sugar content (slow maturation): alcoholic beverages.

Low content of tannins and phenolic compounds.

Reddish color.

High intensity aromas with notes of candied fruit and spices.

Medium acidity.

Appropriate for aging: balsamic notes, toasted, minerals.

Garnatxa PeludaIn addition, it is a variety with several mutations with different oenological shades, such as the Garnatxa Roja in Empordà. Also highlight the variety Garnatxa Tintera or Tintorera which is a variety that adds a lot of color to the wine, because, apart from the skin, the pulp is also "black". This variety is found mainly in the DO Alicante, DO Valencia, AOC Costers del Rosselló and AOC Collioure. Another related variety is the Garnatxa Peluda that is different from the common one so that in the lower part of the leaves they display a kind of "hair". The Garnacha Peluda has a smaller and oval grain, it has a greater acidity and a different aromatic profile. We find it especially in DO Terra Alta, DOQ Priorat, DO Montsant, AOC Banyuls, DO Catalunya, AOC Costers del Rosselló, AOC Costers del Rosselló Vilatges and AOC Maurí. Recently, the new winery, Les Vinyes del Convent, from Horta de Sant Joan in Terra Alta, has regained a unique variety, the Garnacha Alta, with a greater concentration of tannin.


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