A centennial history

interiorThe winery Celler Cooperatiu Gandesa is ready to celebrate its own centenary, a history of wines and collective effort surviving to crisis as raw as the Ebro's Battle and the postwar period.

Today it is considered one of the Seven Wonders of Catalonia a jewel of architecture in Catalan Modernism movement which was commissioned by 48 founding partners to the architect Cèsar Martinell, disciple of Antoni Gaudi and Puig i Cadafalch. There were several collaborators to realize this project such as Bank of Valls, today does not exists, which granted the loan, the winemaker Isidre Campllonch, Xavier Nogués the ceramist who built a frieze that was destroyed during the war. Also had the support of the Catalan Government at that time.

celler coop gandesaThere are so many histories to explain in this pile of years but we like to highlight some of them such as the wine from the first harvest which became bitter, the Vermouth that began to be manufactured in 1932 and it was sold to Cinzano during the postwar period in order to obtain revenues, the birth of DO Terra Alta, the positioning of Terra Alta an above all White Grenache in the international market, the participation in Grenaches du Monde or the recognition of the variety Morenillo. Therefore, we can affirm that this history has been, is and will be a history of overcoming linked to Gandesa and Terra Alta.

In summary, ViOrigen congratulates to Celler Cooperatiu Gandesa and wishes the best for the future in common!


Av Vía Catalunya, 68
43780, Gandesa

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