Celler Alimara

Celler Alimara in catalan, means “beacon”. And here we are thinking of the fire beacons that were placed on the top of hills to rapidly pass signals between towns and populations. We thought that a beacon was a good example of how we wanted to be seen, signalling the growing quality and variety emerging from this fascinating land.
This idea has carried over into the naming of our wines. “Llumí” is the “match” that lights the fire and starts the flames rising. “El Senyal” is the “signal” which is sent out across the land carrying the message from the heart of Terra Alta.
Our logo features the iron basket that holds the signal fire, and our wine labels feature wrought iron depictions of flames, signals and sprites, playing on the rich tradition of ironworking in the local area.

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  • Llumí Blanc

    White GrenacheMacabeo
  • El Senyal Blanc

    White Grenache
  • Llumí Negre

  • El Senyal Negre

    Red GrenacheCarignanVelvet Grenache
  • Llumí Rosat

    Red Grenache
  • La Xispa

    Red GrenacheCarignan