Celler la Bruixa dels Mudefes

The Celler de la Bruixa dels Mudefes is a family project that begins in 2015. A project led by Ivan Busquet who is the winemaker of the winery. They have the idea of working the red wines of the Terra Alta but long aging. A small project about 2000 bottles and very personalized which we could almost talk about signature wines.

The winery wants the consumer to appreciate the different sensations that the land, the climate, the plant and our work give us when tasting a glass of wine.
The name of the witch of the Mudefes, comes from the fact that the farmers made life in the farmhouses, harvested barley, harvested almonds, olives and grapes, was their way of life and in those times from time to time they passed the healers or said otherwise witches offering their services and ointments. Mudefes is a microclimate that exists in the term of Batea.

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